Contact details.

NordOne LLC
Kai 5 / Sadama 6

10111 Tallinn, Estonia
E-mail: info(at)nord1 dot eu
Phone: +372 55 19910
ID:        12032077
VAT nr: EE101433699

Our team.

Deniss Harand
member of the management board
E-mail: dh(at)nord1 dot eu
Mob:    +372 56 99 44 33
Languages: Russian

Jevgeni Ivanov
E-mail: ji(at)nord1 dot eu
Languages: Russian, Estonian, English 


Vladislav Grigorjev
member of the management board
E-mail: vg(at)nord1 dot eu
Mob:    +372 55 20 260
Languages: Russian, Estonian, English
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Contact details in Russian Federation

E-mail: spb(at)nord1 dot eu
Mob: +7 981 894 35 85

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-     Read the barcode from popup window
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